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We are MRFA Eorganization ( Medical Representative For All Egypt)
It 's the first group on Facebook caring to hire All members in medical companies


Improve member's skills and knowledge to connecttheir talents with jobs requirements.

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Our Story

  • 2009 was our beginning; we were one of the first facebook groups.
  • our dream was helping the medical careercandidates (medical reps –super visors – district managers –Area managers-businessunit managers  - product managers –marketing – HR -   GM ….) to getthe suitable and promising jobs they aim to.

  •  Throughthe years we succeeded to reach our goal with your help in which we all becomeone big society, each member in this society do his/her best to help the othertill we became the biggest group and all that because of your cooperation andsupport.

    • Innovative link with medical society

    It's not the matter of ideas, its making ideas come true

    • We will all go one in our way and complete ourmission to build this site (MRFAE).

    • We decided to arrange the group and make it more helpful for all medical society by using our site (Mrfae)

    •  This site will be build by your support and cooperation as we used to do from the beginning to offer more service (companies information's - medicalinformation's –marketing & skills information – development all medicalsociety), and hiring in all medical branches

    • Create the most beneficial opportunity forevery member in Medical field ( Mrfae )

    •  invest in all by information's to support medical society

    • link with all medical society needs (pharmaceutical companies –veterinary companies –laboratories – pharmacies –hospitals – sales companies – private clinics – poly clinics- ...

  • Improve member's skills and knowledge toconnect their talents with jobs need

    • perfect Relationships
    • Be  constructive

    • Time orientation

        • We welcome and support people of all backgrounds and identities. 

      • Motivate All audience to stand up and take notice

            • Together we can Do it !!

  • you can find here everything you need in medical carrer



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